Direct Hardwood supplies a range of quality hardwood and offer the best service any where in the state of Victoria & NSW.

Timber Supply Melbourne


Do you want a beautiful timber floor that lasts a life time? Did you know the quality of your flooring will dramatically affect the way your floor performs over its life time?

Timber flooring is not something you want to have issues with. So, let’s get the supply correct from the start and avoid a horror story!

There is no one else in the Industry Supplying Timber with hands-on knowledge like us!


So it’s finally time to get a new solid deck! If you’re thinking about your next outdoor project, give us a call on 1800 HARDWOOD.

We can make sure you understand exactly what you are buying and ensure it suits your needs. Let’s make your new deck AMAZING!

Timber Supply Melbourne
Timber Supply Melbourne


Is your new home or renovation ready to be clad with our amazing Australian Hardwood? You know the timber you want but you’re seeing a big difference in price from different suppliers and you’re wondering why. It’s just cladding so why are some people really cheap?

Between you and us cladding isn’t just cladding! You will certainly get what you pay for and this will show in your finished product!


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Timber Supplier Melbourne